Sharks Have Been Spotted Near Local Beaches, Pedestrians May be Endangered

For 2 weeks now, a great white shark has been stalking the waters of Malibu beach

The sightings of the great white swimming the waters of malibu were first noticed by a local on July 15. "I was minding my own business, before I went into the water I noticed something shark sticking out of the water and I squinted more and realized that the sharp object was a shark fin." The women had called 911 of the situation who luckily happened to have a patrol close in the vicinity of the beach. Luckily, the beach was evacuated before the shark could cause harm but it leaves everyone wondering, what was a great white shark doing in Malibu?

A scientist named Miranda Filianore, had heard about the case and came to us to explain why the phenomena had occured. Accoring to her research, great whites tend to migrate around the coasts of the U.S and sometimes when fish that they are interested in swim by, they will stray off the migration path to capture the fish. When a great white parts from its migration path, it doesn't know where to go unless helped so it stays in the area where fish are plentiful until their pack come back around or if it is helped back on the course. Miranda had informed the life gaurds and many other animal helpers, to guide this shark back to its family so that the shores of Malibu can be safe once again.